MBA Admissions Consultant

Lauren Levine worked in MBA Admissions for the NYU Stern School of Business for over 10 years. During her time there, she read and evaluated thousands of MBA applications and interviewed hundreds of MBA candidates; developed and executed on marketing and communications strategies for the MBA programs; represented the School at events for prospective students; and trained staff members on how to evaluate candidates for the various MBA programs. Prior to working in admissions, she spent 4 years in investor relations for Financial Dynamics and 1 year in marketing for a major investment bank. Lauren is an alumna of NYU Stern’s Full-time MBA program (MBA Class of 2005)

 Rona Aydin,

Founder and Admissions Consultant

Rona started Oriel Admissions upon graduating from Oxford University’s Said Business School with an MBA degree.


Rona is passionate about helping her clients to leverage their strengths, weaknesses, and unique experiences to earn a spot in their dream program. Applications, whether to college or business school, require a huge time commitment and Rona treats each application with the same level of care and attention that she would give to her own application. Her favorite thing about being an admissions consultant is being able to make a positive impact and support her clients during a critical point in their educational and academic careers.


Rona earned her BA in Economics from Brandeis University and an MA in Economics from New York University. Prior to starting Oriel Admissions, Rona worked in financial services. Rona has traveled extensively and lived in several countries including Turkey and the United Kingdom. 

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Oriel Admissions offers a wealth of experience. Rona has successfully assisted clients applying to a variety of  undergraduate, MBA, and executive MBA programs in the United States and abroad.

As a full-time admissions consultant, Rona offers a highly personalized service and will provide support based on your schedule. Rona is also honest. Feedback may be tough to hear but by providing a clear direction, your applications will be the best that they can be.

Your application is ultimately about you and Rona does not take a formulaic approach to completing applications. We will look at your background and experience and find the most relevant and meaningful aspects to highlight in your essays. What you submit will feel like you, only the best possible version of you.

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