What are the main differences between Oxford Said and Cambridge Judge?

Oxford and Cambridge have a unique system where an admitted student is a member of a college as well as the department of the subject that they are studying. Both universities have around 30 semi-autonomous colleges. You may have seen photos of King’s College in Cambridge or Christ Church College in Oxford, where some scenes of the Harry Potter movies were filmed. The universities also have picturesque campuses that make you feel as if you are in a museum! Despite many similarities, there are certain differences between these schools. In the very broad sense, Oxford is known to be stronger in social sciences while Cambridge is better in the sciences. This trend becomes clear with the followi

Do American companies hire from one-year MBA programs?

Around 25% of students at Oxford and Cambridge and 13% of students at INSEAD come from North America. Many of them are curious about the job prospects of the one-year MBA program. Many American companies set their recruitment schedules according to the American university calendar. The MBA programs at Oxford and Cambridge have an extended school year, running from September until July and therefore, there may be clashes with the start date of a new internship or job. It is also worth noting that the MBA is more embedded in the American corporate culture, which means two things. The first is that there are more MBA-entry tracks in these companies. The second is that some companies do the majo