The dreaded weakness question. What not to say!

Being asked to identify and address a weakness is a common aspect of many business school applications. The question may be asked directly in an essay or it may present itself in the letter of recommendation. If you are tasked to answer this question, make sure to avoid these four common mistakes! 1. The “I have no weakness” answer. Saying that you have no weaknesses is really hard to believe. After all no one is perfect! If you were completely happy with your capabilities, then you would not be applying to business schools where you will be challenged and torn down in the quest to be rebuilt into a better you. Getting an MBA helps you to grow and expand your views about business and the wor

Maximizing your chances of getting a job offer during a one-year MBA

Compared to the traditional two-year MBA, one-year MBA programs are relatively affordable and allow you to return to the labor force a full year earlier. These are advantages that must be weighed against a challenge: you have limited time during your program to find a new job. Therefore, I would like to discuss a few tips to help you increase the efficiency of your job search. 1. Start early The MBA is an incredible experience accompanied by a very busy schedule of classes, group projects, career events, and many social activities. As soon as your program begins, you will immediately get busy with a lot of great events that you won’t want to miss! Make sure to prepare your resumes and cover