3 Strategies for Success on the GMAT

The GMAT, while certainly not a test requiring you to focus on remembering facts, covers a fair bit of academic ground (reading comprehension, writing, data interpretation, algebra, probability, number theory, etc.) and employs novel question types. So although there are a fair number of concepts with which you must be familiar, the exam is ultimately a test of your critical thinking and problem-solving skills. These are skills which undeniably improve with practice. So what is the best way to prepare? I’d like to suggest that there are three important concepts to keep in mind when studying for the GMAT: Set a target score Develop a customized study plan Think like a CEO, not like a student

Oxford MBA Career Questions

If you have starting to prepare your application to Oxford’s MBA program, you might have only seen the two essay questions that are on the application website. However, within the application there are several other questions under the career development section. I wanted to take the time to discuss these questions because they are very important to the application and require a significant amount of thought and preparation. Within the application, there is a career development section, where you will be asked to choose the option most closely aligned with your short-term career goals: employment, entrepreneurship, or other (including family business). When it comes to career goals, having a