Oriel Admissions' clients have come from all over the world and have submitted applications at the undergraduate, graduate, and MBA level. We are proud to have helped each client to achieve their individual goals. Rona is committed to providing exceptional service for my clients and making sure that they are thrilled with the results of the application process.



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Admitted to Columbia, Class of 2019

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“Having a dream school is both exhilarating and frightening. I applied only to Columbia’s J-Term program and am so excited that I got in! I can confidently say I could not have done it without Rona.

Rona was fully committed to my application: answering phone calls, emails, video conferences, and texts, at all times of the day. Beyond that, she had a keen eye for editing essays and enhancing resume language. Her unique and well-researched point of view was a HUGE difference maker for my application! I appreciated Rona’s honesty and quest for perfection. No edit was too small, and she was always thinking of new ways to strengthen the application and my candidacy, as if it were her own.

She was more than an MBA consultant, she was a mentor and my number one supporter. Thank you times a million to Rona and Oriel Admissions for making my dream a reality!“

Admitted to London Business School,

 Class of 2020

“I am really glad to have found Rona. I was apprehensive about the MBA application process and not entirely certain how to navigate the process (which can be somewhat overwhelming) and put in a strong application.


Rona was fully committed in helping me through the process. In our early interactions, she gave me confidence and helped distill what could be some of the key things I should highlight in my application. Throughout the editing process for my application essays, she provided timely, precise, well-reached and constructive feedback, which added great value. She was also patient in reviewing many rounds of my essay until we both were happy with the end outcome.


Beyond the reviewing of the application process, Rona was a great resource person to gain perspectives on the MBA programme, and even helped connect me with people whom she felt would be useful for me to speak to.


Rona was someone I could always count on, and was a fantastic mentor and supporter through my application process. I strongly recommend her.”

Admitted to Harvard Business School,

 Class of 2020

Rona's help was instrumental in my acceptance to Harvard Business School. I don't think I could have done it without her! She did an excellent job helping me tell my story in compelling ways and recognize and address potential holes in my application. I started the application process a bit later than I would have liked, which resulted in me only having a few weeks to develop my essays and fill out the applications, but Rona always responded quickly and was great to work with. Highly recommended! 

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