Cornell Tech MBA Application Essay Tips

The Cornell Tech MBA application asks for a creativity statement:

“Here at Cornell Tech, you will be part of an environment where creativity, technical depth and leadership share seats at the table. We value expressions of who you are and what you add to this formula. Please provide an example of your creativity, style and technical depth by sending us a link to your work or providing a written sample. Your submission should highlight your personal experiences that demonstrate your creativity, leadership and technical abilities.

In particular, feel free to elaborate on projects you have completed, their creative and technical aspects; any entrepreneurial or leadership experiences; your professional career goals; the benefits of being part of the tech ecosystem in New York City; and why the Johnson Cornell Tech MBA is for you. You may simply upload a Word or PDF document with an essay, or you may provide a link to any sort of media online. This may include videos, blogs or any other multimedia expression you desire.“

A creativity statement is an interesting prompt for a technology oriented MBA program. The prompt is also long and upon first glance difficult to digest. You have a lot of options for answering this question so I will only discuss how to approach this question with an essay or a video, the two formats that most candidates are likely to choose.

Whether you decide to submit an essay or a video, the written text should be a version of a personal statement. You should brainstorm about the skills and personal attributes that you want to highlight to the admissions committee and work those characteristics into the submission.

When answering the question, I would suggest loosely following a format where you:

  • Introduce yourself and provide details about your professional experience to date. You should highlight professional accomplishments such as projects that you have completed or other technical experience that you have in order to directly address Cornell’s question.

  • Highlight your personal hobbies and interests. These can be technology related but the goal is to show another side to you. Business schools want people who have interests outside of their professional life. Think about your passions and your prefered way to spend your free time. You should then speak about these activities and any accomplishments related to them.

  • Answer why an MBA and why Cornell’s Tech MBA? While the prompt does not specifically ask these questions, this information should be shared. It is important to detail your reasons for wanting to complete an MBA, your short-term career goal, and specifics about the way in which the Cornell Tech MBA will allow you to achieve your goals. You should aim to highlight the research that you have done into the program here.

As you prepare your submission, remember that the program is looking for candidates who are:

  • creative and possessing an entrepreneurial spirit

  • collaborative

  • interested in creating an impact and changing lives

Also make sure to highlight these qualities throughout your submission and explain why you are unique.

I am an MBA admissions consultant with a proven track record of successful guiding my clients to get MBA offers at top-ranked US and European business schools. I am available to provide tailored services depending on your specific needs. If you would like to find out more, contact Rona at

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