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GMAT News: Introducing the GMAT Focus Edition

The Graduate Management Admission Council has announced that they will be introducing a completely revamped GMAT, called the GMAT Focus Edition, later this year. The current GMAT exam will be retired in early 2024.

The new GMAT Focus Edition will eliminate Sentence Correction questions, geometry questions, and the AWA section. There will be three sections, each 45 minutes long: Quantitative, Verbal, and Data Insights. Data Sufficiency questions are moving from Quant to the new Data Insights section, which also will include Integrated Reasoning questions.

In the GMAT Focus Edition, each of the three sections will receive scores from 60 to 90. Each section, including Data Insights, will contribute to the overall GMAT score. The overall GMAT score will range from 205 to 805 in 10-point increments. Test takers can choose to take the three test sections in any order. Furthermore, test takers will be able to bookmark and review questions, and can even change up to three answers per section.

With the GMAT Focus Edition, you can send five score reports after you receive your scores. Each score report will contain the results only for that specific exam. The GMAT Focus Edition will have an improved Official Score Report with “detailed performance insights”. Presumably this will be similar to the optional Enhanced Score Report that is currently available.

For more details on the new GMAT Focus Edition, please see this detailed write up from our test prep partner, GMAT Genius.

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