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"I knew applying to business school would be time consuming, but I didn’t know how much self-discovery was required and how emotionally taxing it would be.  Rona's approach is personal and hands on, which is exactly what I needed. 
From the start I felt like Rona was on my team. She took the time to understand me, carefully explained the ‘why’ behind her feedback, and was always available when I had questions. Rona is extremely knowledgeable about the process and thoughtful, specific and direct. 
I am very happy with my experience and strongly recommend working with Rona. She is outstanding."

Admitted to Harvard Business School, MBA Class of 2022

"Working with Rona was one of the best decisions I made in the application process. Upon start, it's easy to get bombarded by feedback, advice, and often, conflicting opinions from several people who all want the best for you. Therefore, it was so valuable to work with an advisor I could trust with the holistic experience and objective perspective I couldn't get from friends and family.

One of the most important things for me was having someone alongside me the entire way - personally and professionally. Not only did I feel she was invested in this process with me, she was incredibly detail oriented (down to the last comma and single word selection), communicative with her timeline and turnarounds, and even gave me outfit feedback for my interview (we went with the black blazer). What set Rona apart for me was her willingness to challenge me and therefore help me best inject my passions and personality into my application.  Applying to schools is an extremely difficult process. I would never want to do it again! But I'm thankful to have gotten to work with Rona. I couldn't have gotten through this without her!"

Admitted to Columbia Business School, MBA Class of 2022

“When I found out that I had made the initial cut, I was originally contemplating whether to attempt the interview on my own or to go for coaching. However, I can say without a doubt, that reaching out to Rona was the best decision I made during the admission process to Oxford University's EMBA program. I would highly recommend Rona to anyone who is in this position. For one thing, she truly cares about your success and works with you beyond the interview to ensure peace of mind during mentally trying times as you go through the post interview admission process. Equally important is that her approach is very methodical, well-planned, and tailored to bring confidence during the interview."

Admitted to the University of Oxford, EMBA Class of 2022

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